A Book for a Child

Krithi promotes reading habit of children as the prime motive, to build a progressive society aiming a better tomorrow. The campaign ‘A Book for a Child’ has launched in the inaugural edition of Krithi 2018. 30,000 school students visited and accepted book coupons worth Rs.250 for every child. It was a heart-warming scene to be present in, where children running all around the stalls, trading their coupons for their favourite books.
In Krithi 2019, fundraised to 1.5 crores and 50,000 students visited the event where they returned happily with their books in hand and memories in heart.
In Krithi 2020, we have a fund of 2 crores where we are welcoming more children to take part in Krithi to nourish their reading habit along with the real culture. We expect all the literary enthusiasts and bibliophiles to become a part of this campaign.

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