The Brand Identity

Krithi Brand Icon
The focus on embracing common man and everyday life is evident from the festival’s brand identity, the ubiquitous, humble, simple crow with words from the famous Malayalam poem “Kakka” by legendary poet Vyloppilly Sreedhara menon, etched all over its body. The creative team led by Shaji N Karun, considers crow as representative of universalism, freedom, cleanliness, lineage and street smartness. The literary crow is sure to enter every nuke and corner of the state of Kerala in the days to come!

“No one can step into the same river twice”. The momentariness and vastness of Knowledge make the journey of acquiring it, a purpose of life itself. Knowledge acquired through education, experience and exposure has to metamorphose the human being and enable to analayse the life events through the prism of Reasoning. This elevates the thought process to attain the level of Enlightenment.

Knowledge. Reasoning. Enlightenment