The Brand Identity

Many a times, the journey to trace the source of today’s turn of events take us to the ’Past of Present’. In the light of the unprecedented calamity and destruction that Kerala is witnessing today, we are entrusted with the onerous task of imbibing lessons from yesterday to mould tomorrow’s Kerala that would be deterministic and definite. And the building ground for constructing that deterministic tomorrow is today. Each and every thought and action of today is sculpting the portrait of the future..

‘Kerala – Back to the future’ is the process of visualizing . that sculpted future. An act of germinating seeds of  future orchards. Current policies and decisions form the cells of the future development model. Today’s youth needs to metamorphose to form tomorrow’s  humane society. It’s a journey to tomorrow’s yesterday which is today. For building a future that we dream of. A fresh beginning may not be under our grab, but a defined destiny definitely is!

                                                          KERALA – BACK TO THE FUTURE